Nursing Home Transportation

We transport patients from nursing homes to doctor’s appointments, rehab appointments, and family events. We have extensive experience navigating nursing homes and ensuring that all paperwork, arrangements, and details are met. We know when to call ahead to ensure that the passenger is prepared.
Everyone on board
We provide transportation from nursing homes to the dentist, to lunch, and to church. Around the Bay Medical Transportation has you covered for all of your transportation needs!

From This Point to That Point

We offer “door to door” service. We does not simply wait for you outside. We go right to your room, to your chair or bed. If necessary, we will transfer you to a wheelchair or stretcher and transport you to the van. Depending on your situation, your transportation team may have up to 5 crew members. We ensure your safety in the van before driving you to your destination, where your team will professionally disembark you from the vehicle, take you inside to your doctor’s office waiting room, and get you checked in and settled.

Your Chariot is waiting for you.

Our fleet includes a variety of vehicles, all of which are fully equipped, loaded, and accessible for your safety and comfort. Each van is 2012 or newer, is cleaned daily, and is detailed once a week. Our service is the limousine version of the medical transport industry, but our prices are nearly identical to the competition. 
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